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Receive a customized exercising program, an interactive 3D trainer
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Every human being is different. That is why we need personalized exercises to get the best training outcomes.

You perform the best when you train in a familiar environment, where you feel safe.

Make lifestyle changes that last with our support and your commitment.

How do I get started?

1. Choose a Physiotherapist

2. Book a free video consultation

3. Get your personalised exercising program

4. Train for free for 1 week

Then choose the plan that works best for you:


  1. Be independent and flexible
  2. Book a video consultation when you need it
  3. You get to make all the decisions
  • startup fee
  • per video consultation
  • per month


  1. Receive a tailor-made program for 6 or 12 weeks
  2. Commit to a specific period for quick, measurable results
  3. Get a massive discount
6 week program

  • startup fee
  • 3 video consultations
  • 6 weeks membership

instead of

12 week program

  • startup fee
  • 4 video consultations
  • 3 months membership

instead of

How do these prices compare to ordinary physiotherapy?
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This is what our users say


The exercises are really great! It’s definitely more fun to train together with my 3D-trainer than going to the gym alone. I was having trouble with my hips, but by doing my personal exercises at home I don’t feel pain anymore.


Using Optimov, I now feel safe when I exercise at home! As someone suffering from COPD, I don’t like to exercise alone in case I urgently need medical help. But with constant support from my online physiotherapist I have made really great improvements, and I am now able to ride my e-bike again!