About Optimov

Optimov is dedicated to optimizing holistic health and healthcare through an innovative approach to health. It includes online treatments for general physical health and well-being, as well as specialized telerehab programs for chronic diseases, such as COPD and CVD.


We want to reinvent Healthcare and Physiotherapy as you know it. Holistic care is our driver for meeting your needs at another level, a more comprehensive care than the conventional healthcare solution. No more waiting rooms, unsafely performed exercises or missed rehab sessions.


We want to empower people to cope with chronic pain. By using welfare technology we enhance your personal journey for a better health and discovery of your own mind and body balance. We believe a healthy body and happy mind equals a happy life.


Values guiding us to bringing you the best services.


We create an easy to use tool, which is accessible anywhere, anytime, for everyone, just as our team of professionals. We are here for you.


We are using innovative technology in its full potential to ease your way into a healthy life, making exercising fun, easy and enjoyable.


We have developed Optimov with care about you, and we constantly want to improve based on your feedback. The goal is your individual experience.


We are building a collaborative relationship between therapist and you. Working together is key for success in any aspect.

Team members

Jose Cerdan


Nikos Kordis

Unity Developer

Fernanda Balbino



The Optimov platform is part of the VAPA Project (Virtual Autonomous Physiotherapy Agent). A team of professionals have joined forces to bring VAPA to market. The idea of VAPA was to bring to market an innovative remote physiotherapy product designed for patients with chronic diseases. By combining a biometric sensor, augmented reality (AR) glasses and software, a 3D animated agent would guide and support patients in real time, keeping their interest on doing exercises. Thus, VAPA would be an effective and certified way to keep patients active at home. Clinical certification is about to be obtained from clinical trials executed at hospitals in Scandinavia.

VAPA project redefines what people thought was possible, changing their lives beyond anything else that is available by delivering effective telerehabilitation and preventive exercise sets based on flexibility, use independence and time balance.

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