Optimov – physiotherapy, anywhere, anytime

Optimov is a unique online platform for preventive and effective telerehabilitation that can be used anywhere, anytime. It is designed to be an intuitive, easy to use tool, providing you quality- and safety-assured exercise programs, matching your needs and physical energy. Optimov is constantly improving based on your feedback, as we want you to get the care you need.

Optimov's features

   Video Consultation
Meet your therapist and get assessed at a distance – telemedicine technology providing real-time visual and audio connection between patient and physiotherapist.

  No more waiting rooms – save time through convenient scheduling
  Increased patient engagement
  No stress – have access to a doctor anytime, anywhere

   3D virtual trainer   

Have your very own personal trainer and perform the exercises in the most optimal way with Optimov’s virtual trainer.

  Engaging professional guidance
Motivational approach
Accurate movement representation


Elements of game play in non-game contexts make exercising with Optimov easier than ever.

  Challenging but achievable tasks
  Points & levels to keep you motivated
  Badges & immediate feedback to showcase your progression.


Get to know how to improve your health in the long term with relevant topics, prescribed by your therapist.

  Digital experience: learn anywhere, anytime   Self-paced learning based on a therapist’s recommendation.
  Increased self-discipline and content retention

   Digital calendar

  Easy navigation & advanced organization
  Reliable cloud backup – no more information loss  Book, confirm or reschedule appointments with little effort

Choose a plan that’s right for your health

All the plans are accessible via iOS devices and give you access to different tailored training programs. You have the option to book a consultation with your physiotherapist, have video consultations, get e-mail, sound or light reminders (depending on device). Most importantly, you can track your activity progress with the reports on the application (more accurate with a sensor).



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