Having IPF and Training with the Optimov App

In today’s post we are going to share an interview with the Optimover of the month – Henry, who trains with the Optimov app every day. Henry was diagnosed with IPF on the 6/6 2017 . For those not familiar, IPF (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis) is a chronic lung disease causing a progressive and irreversible decline in lung function. The main symptom is shortness of breath and a dry cough. People with IPF are also likely to experience sudden outbursts of the symptoms called acute exacerbation. The disease cannot be cured, but its symptoms can be reduced with supplemental oxygen and pulmonary rehabilitation rehabilitation.

However, due to its rareness, it is often hard for people with IPF to find rehab groups. Therefore, we believe remote telerehabilitation can empower people with IPF to train and improve their condition. As mentioned in some of our previous publications, we are currently undergoing clinical trials consisting of remote rehabilitation, with our app Optimov, for people with IPF, among other diseases. Henry is one of our Optimovers, showing great improvements and motivation to keep on training with Optimov to improve his everyday life.

Meet Henry

Henry attended a hospital control to follow up the condition and symptoms of his disease and was invited to participate in one of our clinical trials. He thought it could be interesting to help researchers to figure out if tele-rehabilitation was a good treatment for people suffering from IPF. Since the study was randomized, he was in the need to accept that he could be in either control or intervention group.

He was awarded to go the tele-rehabilitation arm and started training with the Optimov app 8 months ago. Since then his condition has been improving during the following controls. We interviewed Henry to hear more about his experience and spread the positive outcome of training with Optimov. Hopefully his story will inspire others to begin on a life-improving journey. He was also very kind to share a few photos of him training with Optimov in the comfort of his home.

O: How was it to train with Optimov?
H: It has been easy and inspiring, as well as making me want to continue training.

O: How is it to use the app?
H: The app is very easy to use.

O: Is the exercise – module logical / nice to follow ? Why / why not?
H: It is easy to follow as you are shown what you should do.

O: What did you like the most?
H: The best part is that you can train wherever and whenever you want.

Optimover - Henry - training at home with the app

Henry training in his living room.

O: Do you think that training with the app improved your life?
H: It has definitely improved my life, it has improved my mood, my stamina and fitness and as a positive side effect, I lost a few kilos.

O: What motivated you to train every day?
H: The thing that motivated me was that there was someone to follow on me on the side.

O: How fast did you start feeling an improvement?
H: I started feeling the difference after around 1 month.

O: What would you wish worked better?
H: I wish the censor and electrodes worked better.

O: What is your favourite thing about the app?
H: The app is easy to use and has motivated me to keep going.

Optimover - Henry - training at home with the app

Henry training with Optimov in the comfort of his home.

O: Would you recommend it to others with similar condition? Why?
H: I would recommend this rehab to others at any time.

Henry’s story is not only inspiring us to keep working hard to make things happen for Optimov. It is also proving that the Optimov is easy to use by anyone, no matter age or level of technological savviness. Henry is 62 years old and uses a smart phone 10-15 times a days. It doesn’t take much, just willingness to start and drive to keep going. We are here to help you.

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