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‘A brand is a separate person, it can tell you a story, it can tell you so many things, it can talk to you!’, when you hear someone saying this about branding, then you know they are really passionate about it.
In today’s Friday Worker, we have the pleasure to introduce you to Eszter, Optimov’s graphic designer with a passion for branding, behavioral psychology and more (read along to find out what). Eszter is part of the marketing team and is involved in the different aspects of graphic design in terms of social media marketing, web design and also a little bit of brand development. She was inspired by Optimov’s good purpose of helping people improve the quality of their life with the help of physiotherapy and innovative technologies, so she did not hesitate to apply for a job here. When she started working, she was amazed by all the talented professionals from different fields that have joined forces for a good purpose: ‘It’s so amazing to see social media marketers, web developers, iOS developers and physiotherapists working together for a good purpose and to discover the potential of the new technologies together’.

Optimov's graphic designer Eszter

The Power of Graphic Design

Eszter keeps developing her team player skills in Optimov and really appreciates that ‘’s a really good place to give and receive feedback to help each other develop. Having an open mind is part of becoming a better professional and being always open for constructive criticism is something with which we can always support each other’. Becoming a better version of herself is a big part of Eszter’s life philosophy: ‘I’m really committed to self-development. When I’m not working, I still feel obliged to develop myself. I love blurring the edges of my profession. That’s why I always try to read a lot and my passion is marketing and behavioral psychology’. Eszter’s striving for perfection is not limited to self-development and that’s what awoke her interest in graphic design: ‘I always had this crazy urge to change the world somehow, and when I realized how big of a potential graphic design has, because it’s everywhere, I just fell in love with it and this love have lasted long’. She believes that pairing graphic design with marketing and psychology gives a great amount of opportunities to change the world and develop the brands that form the world.

Wanderlust and Globalization

Her interest in psychology is also reflected in her volunteer activities of facilitating intercultural exchanges for young people. Eszter’s curiosity in different cultures doesn’t stop here. Being originally from Hungary, working with international companies, and now living in Denmark for the past year, made her see that ‘..there is so much to see in the world than just to sit comfortably in one country and that’s why I really would like to experience and see other countries. I would like to experience as many different cultures as possible. My plans involve living in Brazil, Scotland, Canada and maybe France’. Isn’t that wonderful? A big part of Optimov is based on globalization and development and this is why we are grateful to have a team who is so open and curious to the world, just the way it is – beautiful in all its aspects 🌏. Speaking of beautiful, we would like to finish Eszter’s story with revealing one more of her passions – fruits! ‘I am passionately in love with fruits. They are so amazing. They are beautiful and they smell good and they are tasty’. We bet this is not what you expected in the beginning of the story, but isn’t it just perfectly weird? 🤗

If you want to get connected or get to know more about Eszter, feel free to connect with her on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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